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Tata I-Shakti

Tata iShakti Soda Bi Carb (Saji Full) - 30GM

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Tata i-Shakti Cooking Soda Bi Carb (Saji Full) is a versatile kitchen essential commonly used for various culinary and household purposes. Here's a description of Tata i-Shakti Cooking Soda Soda Bi Carb:

Tata i-Shakti Cooking Soda Bi Carb (Saji Full): Tata i-Shakti Cooking Soda Bi Carb, also known as Saji Full, is a pure and food-grade sodium bicarbonate powder that offers a range of uses in your kitchen and home.

Key Features:

High Quality: This cooking soda is sourced from Tata i-Shakti, a trusted brand known for its commitment to quality and purity, ensuring that you get a premium product.

Culinary Uses: Tata i-Shakti Cooking Soda is a valuable ingredient for baking and cooking. It serves as a leavening agent in baking, helping dough and batter rise, resulting in lighter, fluffier baked goods.

Household Applications: Beyond the kitchen, this cooking soda can be used for various household cleaning tasks. It's effective for removing stains, cleaning surfaces, and deodorizing.

Multi-Purpose: Tata i-Shakti Cooking Soda is a versatile addition to your pantry, serving as a rising agent for dosa and idli batters, a cleaner for vegetables, and an aid in certain pickling processes.

Safe and Pure: It's free from any harmful additives or impurities, making it safe for food preparation and household cleaning.

Resealable Packaging: The convenient resealable bag helps keep the cooking soda fresh and ensures easy storage.

Tata i-Shakti Cooking Soda Bi Carb (Saji Full) is a reliable and trusted product that can enhance your cooking and household cleaning efforts. Make it a part of your kitchen and household essentials for its versatility and purity.

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