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Tata Salt

Tata Lite Salt - 15% Low Sodium Iodised Salt Helps Blood Pressure & For Healthy Lifestyle - 1KG

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Refined, iodised and potassium enriched, Tata Salt Lite is a low-sodium salt specially formulated to provide 15% lower sodium than regular salt. It is designed to provide consumers a convenient means to take preventive measures towards keeping the blood pressure and weight of family members in check. Hypertension or high blood pressure is one of the leading health problems of urban India. Stressful lifestyles coupled with altered food habits have led to an exponential increase in the occurrence of lifestyle diseases such as diabetes and high blood pressure. A research undertaken by the Tata Salt team showed that over 40% of the urban adult population in India suffers from hypertension, a life-threatening condition that can be effectively managed by controlling the intake of sodium. To control sodium intake, people diagnosed with hypertension are often advised to reduce or control salt consumption. Due to this, they often have to consume less salt and at times, bland food. In light of these findings, Tata Salt Lite was introduced, a low sodium salt that would assist management of blood pressure without compromising on the taste of food. So now, stay healthy and keep your blood pressure in check with Tata Salt Lite, Desh Ki Sehat, Desh Ka Namak.

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