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Tata Tea

Tata Tea Agni Dust - 250GM

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Experience the bold and robust flavor of Tata Tea Agni Assam Dust. Sourced from the finest tea estates in Assam, this 250gm  pack is a celebration of strong, full-bodied tea. Each sip delivers an authentic Assam tea experience, characterized by deep color and a rich, invigorating taste.

Key Features:

Assam Origin: Tata Tea Agni Assam Dust is carefully selected from the renowned tea gardens of Assam, known for producing tea with a distinct and robust flavor.

Bold and Full-bodied: The tea blend is crafted to provide a bold and full-bodied cup, making it an ideal choice for those who appreciate strong, traditional tea.

Deep Color: Enjoy the deep, dark color of this Assam Dust tea, indicative of its strong and intense flavor profile.

250gm Pack: The generous 250gm  pack ensures a plentiful supply of your favorite tea, perfect for regular tea enthusiasts or households.

Authentic Assam Experience: Immerse yourself in the authentic Assam tea-drinking experience with each cup, capturing the essence of this renowned tea-producing region.

Ideal for Chai: Tata Tea Agni Assam Dust is well-suited for making a robust cup of chai, offering an energizing and satisfying beverage.

Elevate your tea ritual with Tata Tea Agni Assam Dust - a tribute to the bold and captivating flavors of Assam tea, now available in a convenient 250gm pack.

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